Sea turtles visit our coastline as seen in a Florida Wildlife and Game map. Are the new, intrusive, white, high intensity LED street lights contributing anything to the turtle habitats, shorebirds or natural beauty along this Drive?

The lighting down Beach Drive is 100% WRONG and not up to code yet were allowed to be installed by the public works director because FPL "installed it for FREE"!

The public works director is not being held accountable and your elected officials are allowing this to happen with no immediate action.

The below link tells it all (observe the date of the video, the lights were installed June 2023):

Year 2023: New city street light = 24 hours of daylight. Picture is from "INSIDE" a Beach Drive resident's home at 9:55 PM.
592 Lumens = 41 watt day light incandescent bulb, inside a bedroom where people sleep. Would you appreciate this?

The wildlife and residents are now suffering from the City's careless installation of extreme, high intensity, white LED street lights. These light bulbs were just installed in anticipation of the "proposed" path and are confusing for sea turtles and shorebirds and harmful for residents!

Do the citizens of Panama City want this? NO! Add your voice!