DATE 1950: Beautiful Beach Drive

Date 2023: Beautiful Beach Drive after 73 years!

If City Commissioners force their "Vision", which is in sharp contrast to what the majority of our residents are asking for, the opportunity for future generations to create lasting memories along this shoreline will be lost with the destruction of the beach and its environment. Once the bulldozers destroy the shoreline,

YEAR 2023: Beach Drive garbage overflow. Increased usage at Asbell Park, neglected by City Public Works.

YEAR 2023: Beach Drive side street parking is destroying Lake Caroline Habitat. Parking outside designated areas, destroying private lawns, running over wild geese and fowl.

Current and potential future environmental impacts.

Do the citizens of Panama City want this ?!

YEAR 2024 and beyond: What's next? Private citizens residing on Beach Drive have been silently caring for this shoreline for decades, preserving this Drive for all to enjoy. If the City is allowed to plow down these historic trees and pave over the beach, this whole Drive becomes "history".

With a paved path comes the removal of Beach Drive's natural habitat.

This video is a strong visual indicator of what could be eliminated, forever, if the City paves over the beach as planned. From the south side street curb, stealing a minimum of 8 feet of beach, expect all trees, sea oats and other vegetation, plus beach sand to be eliminated! Native habitats and more than 215 trees destroyed to pave over the beach, for a 12-15 foot meandering path, at a cost of more than $8 million dollars! Loss of trees, beaches, nature and the historic beauty is an even greater expense!

STOP the City Commissioners from wasteful,destructive spending! SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!!