11 JULY 2023 at 3Hours: 16Minutes
25 JULY 2023 at 1Hours: 28Minutes
12 SEPT 2023 at 3Hours: 6 Minutes A MUST WATCH! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn7l5hrumh0
11 July, 2023: Citizens presented the Panama City Commissioners with fiscal impacts and preservation concerns in pursuing a redundant sidewalk along W. Beach Drive, requesting the Commissioners stop moving forward with the destructive project.
  • In 2016 City Commissioners tried to approve the same multi-use path on the south side of W. Beach Drive. This attempt FAILED due to lack of community support and funding. Citizens were VERY vocal against the project!

  • It was further pointed out the "Grant" applications sent to the State by Panama City officials indicated the City of PC "DID NOT" ask for the public’s opinion to see if residents wanted a multi-use path. Who really wants this path?

  • A sidewalk or semi multi-use path exists on the north side of W. Beach Drive. Why not fix the existing, yet city-neglected, walk for its purpose?

25 July, 2023: Addl concerned citizens presented financial data to the Panama City Commissioners, asking the Commissioners to refocus on fiscal responsibility with taxpayer monies! The Commissioners were asked to stop moving forward with the destructive, expensive and unnecessary sidewalk project. Facts and figures included:
  • In the FY24 Online Budget Book Report, expenses exceed revenues by 10's of millions of dollars! Does Panama City have funds for a multi-million dollar redundant sidewalk, with ongoing maintenance, when it can't keep up with current expenses?

  • At the recent FY24 Budget Workshop, a Commissioner being interviewed by a local TV station stated to "expect $5 to $6 Million dollars in cuts, eliminating staff positions and putting off Capital Improvement Projects". Why are they focusing on "new" vs addressing current dilapidated infrastructure across the city? Is this being fiscally responsible?

  • One of the four Commissioners responded "Florida State Tax money for this sidewalk is like a GIFT CARD, free money, so why not spend it?" Another Commissioner shared this sentiment, thereby confirming at least 2 of the 4 Commissioners are confused as to where FL State Tax monies come from. STATE TAX MONEY = GIFT CARD? For those who know better, STATE TAX MONEY is what Panama City residents and businesses pay every day when we purchase fuel, furniture, appliances, vehicle registration and more. How can you build your election campaign on fiscal responsibility and then act gleeful to spend millions of tax payer dollars, with no plan for the future expense of ongoing maintenance, after the "gift card" is spent?

  • Over 85% of the W. Beach Drive residents DO NOT want the destructive path and have requested the Commissioners preserve the natural beauty of this historic shoreline. The City Commissioners have also received petitions with more than 250 signatures of residents asking the Commissioners to "STOP" this project. The City Commissioners ignored the requests and voted against the public. They are not listening to the majority, so who are they representing?

  • The current Cherry Street project recently incurred a cost overrun to extend services for 5 months at $135,000 dollars (cost overrun). Will this continue with W. Beach Drive?

Current city posted/approved warning sign found on Beach Drive property regarding our Bay off Beach Drive. We have bigger problems as a community and city if our "elected" Commissioners approve development of an $8,000,000 plus NEW Multi-Use path on Beach Drive rather than investing in cleaning up the Bay for all Panama City residents to enjoy without risk of illness if men, women and children enter the water.

Would the $209,000 already approved by the Commissioner to spend on the NEW path have brought the city closer to cleaner Bay Water? Do they care?

Join us and sign the petition TODAY!

Speak out about the planned path at a City Commissioners' meeting. City meeting calendar link provided below: