To date we have over 2300 signatures on a petition and we need your help with adding more daily. We send all of your input to the Panama City Commissioners telling them to "STOP" their plan to destroy the wildlife and native habitats along West Beach Drive and to STOP wasting tax dollars! The Mayor openly speaks out against this unnecessary project and votes "NO" to a multi use path. Below are just some of your neighbors' messages to the commissioners, proving, for so many reasons, why we should NOT move forward with a proposed multimillion dollar multi use path! Add your signature and your sentiments! Use your voice to save the shoreline, preserve the historic beauty of West Beach Drive and refocus our tax dollars where needed! Sign the petition today!

AL Zip Code 32328 As a marine biologist I am aware of the impacts of coastal erosion and runoff into the bay. This trail will not only disturb the natural coastline but it could potentially impact the seagrass and bay scallops that call the coastline their home. Bay scallops in St. Andrews bay are already threatened and they don't need more impacts to their populations.

KM Zip Code 32466 Beach drive is what makes Panama City.

MC Zip Code 32401 There is so little beauty left in this fast growing area. Let this beautiful drive continue to give peace.

NJ Zip Code 32401 I think it is unnecessary and a terrible use of money.

VJ Zip Code 32401 I agree with the mayor. Waste of money and will not be used by the public.

MH Zip Code 32401 I want to keep Beach Drive as it is because I drive it and enjoy it daily.

BB Zip Code 30043 What a beautiful scenic drive! Just don’t know of many places that have the old growth trees and vegetation like this. Places don’t erase this little slice of of history!

MC Zip Code 32225 I was born and raised in Panama City. I love the view driving down beach drive and I believe the proposed changes will ruin the view.

AM Zip Code 32444 There is already a sidewalk on one side. Tearing up precious ecosystems is unnecessary and wasteful. There are plenty of other projects that need attention, instead of eating taxpayer dollars on something so unneeded.

MP Zip Code 32401 It will ruined the private beach and the value of the homes.

PS Zip Code 32401 Put money where it is needed to repair roads, improve safety, and increase funding to police and firefighters.

NN Zip Code 30097 Increased traffic, noise pollution, destruction of private property, devaluation of property.

VB Zip Code 32401 Tearing up the Bayfront. More Traffic. City has already started making it being butt ugly.

KG Zip Code 32401 Hurricane Michael. We don’t need more of it, especially on one of the last parts of the city that has natural beauty. Use the money to add more to existing parks and rec areas.

AM Zip Code 32401 My concerns are for traffic, as Beach drive is a major route from Downtown to St Andrew’s. Having pedestrian and cyclist on both side is the street, not including the construction impact is an accident waiting to happen.